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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Dear Patients,

We have updated our conditions of entry.

Please see below:


As of the 17th of December 2021, masks will be mandatory within our practice for all patients aged over 12 years, GPs, staff, allied health professionals & other visitors.

Vaccination Status

As per our COVID19 Safety Plan, we will be reducing the risk of potential COVID19 infection within our practice by ensuring all patients, GPs staff, allied health professionals & visitors aged over 18 years are double-vaxxed. Patients will need to provide evidence of their vaccination certificate upon entry. Unvaccinated patients will only be permitted to enter the practice to receive a COVID19 vaccination or only after a risk assessment has been undertaken by the GP.

Symptom Free & COVID Free

The best defence against COVID19 is to reduce the likelihood of coming into contact with an infected person. As such, any patient who has COVID or who is a close or casual contact will not be permitted in our practice. Also, any patients who have a cough, cold, sore-throat or fever will be asked to remain outside of the practice at all times. Telehealth will be available for confirmed or suspect COVID19 cases. Please note, under the current Medicare guidelines, only patients who have visited our practice at least once in the preceding 12 months are eligible for a Medicare rebate for a phone consultation. Where a patient is not eligible for a telehealth consultation, a fee of $80 will apply.

Social Distancing

We ask all people entering our practice to maintain at least 1.5 metres distancing form other people outside of their immediate family/group at all times.

Additional Visitors

The number of people accompanying you to the appointment will be limited to one person.


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