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First Nations Health Assessment

The First Nations health check is available each year, to all persons who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Indigenous people have a higher incidence of illness and higher mortality rate than other Australians, therefore regular health checks should help to reduce or prevent serious illness by early detection and treatment.

The purpose of this health check is 

  • To ensure all indigenous people receive optimum level of health care.

  • To encourage early detection and diagnosis of common and treatable diseases

  • To reduce the incidence of common and treatable diseases that cause considerable morbidity and early mortality

Respectful representation of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family, highlighting the importance of culturally sensitive First Nations Health Assessment services in closing the gap.

Access to Queensland Indigenous Health can be arranged for further management of health care if required. This health check normally includes your registration for the “Close the Gap” programme.

Book an appointment online, or call our lovely receptionists on 07 5537 3300.

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