Podiatrist – Catherine Sharp

Podiatrist – Catherine Sharp

Catherine Sharp has 21 years experience in Podiatry working in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia.

With 2 years working in the Diabetic hospital Catherine performs a detailed Diabetic foot assessment. Educating Diabetic patients is most important so that they recognize the early signs and symptoms of the diabetic foot. Some symptoms can lead to infection, pressure ulcers, nerve damage and amputation.

With working in a children’s clinic Catherine has experience with relieving growing pains and gait problems with a range of insoles, orthotics and shoes.

Catherine also provides treatment of the following:

  • General nail problems, corns, callouses and cracked heels
  • Fungal and ingrown nails
  • Foot, heel and ankle pain with the use of orthotics, correct footwear and exercises.
  • Flat feet, abnormal gait and knee and hip pain can all be treated with orthotics, correct shoe and lower limb exercises

Catherine is Available Tues to Friday from 8:00am to 5:30pm.